The School of Principles is composed of:

The Twelve Lessons

From a parent’s point of view, The School of Principles has an excellent curriculum for children or teens to learn and practice, principles, self-control, cooperation, selecting the right friends, safe practices, not disclosing personal information, good health, hygiene, and leadership.

The School of Secrets – Coming Soon!

Soon we will be offering the School of Secrets an advanced course for teens. Please keep in mind this is a School for mature teens and is based on a high form of strategy and elegant tactics. The curriculum was developed in real-world situations. The School of Secrets Training Program is for those who have practiced the Twelve Lessons carefully.

The School of Network Development

Soon we will be offering the School of Network Development. It is an integral part of growing our membership as we help young people practice the right principles. The School of Network Development trains students to build their association with others who practice right principles to increase their sphere of influence.

The School of Health and Hygiene 

Soon we will be offering The School of Health & Hygiene. This training allows students to get in touch with their sense of health and cleanliness.