Lesson Two

lesson Two

Whatever You Put In Your Mind

You, Will, Get In The Outer World

If you sow a watermelon seed in the ground, you get a watermelon. And if you plant a weed seed? You get weeds.

Sow What You Want to Reap

Your mind is like the ground. Your thoughts, feelings, desires, and fears are the seeds that grow in your mind. They come out of your mind into the visible world, just like the watermelon grows out of the ground. You can select what kind of seeds you put in the garden, and you can also decide what kind of thoughts, feelings, and desires you place in your mind. You can change the things that come into your world by changing what you put in your mind. That means if you focus your attention on the things you want, they will show up in your real world. But if you think about what you hate, fear, and don’t want, those things will appear in your world. So, be careful, you must take control of what goes into and through your mind.

What Do You Want For Your Self

1. Do you want to be happy, calm, and peaceful instead of unhappy and upset?
2. Do you want to be in control of your Self instead of the people you know, expecting you to do what they want?
3. Do you want to decide what to do with your life instead of being aimless?

Remember, what you put into and allow to go through your mind is going to come into your real life.

Practice Lesson Two

By practicing this lesson, you will start taking control of how you feel, what will happen, and the things you will do and have.

1. If you feel bad, go to Youtube.com and watch “Funniest pet and animal videos.” You will realize you can change your emotions anytime you choose. When you watch TV, view comedies, not dramas. If you want drama watch dramas, but if you want happiness, watch comedies. What goes into your mind comes into your real world.
2. Make a list of 10 things you are happy that you have. Appreciating the things you have puts you in a positive state of mind. For example, I’m so grateful for my bicycle, my food, my mom, dad, or both, for my clothes and so on. Read the list every morning.
3. Write down, “I am so happy and grateful now that (then write whatever it is you desire as though it has happened already. Do this in detail.) Read what you have written every morning. Do Not do this about a person. You are the person that needs your attention. Focus on your Self.

Focus on and do things that make you happy. Give your Self and what you want as much attention as you can. You should be the special person in your life, not someone else.