Lesson twelve


Control Your Self Not Others

Be Impersonal

Be careful to conduct yourself in an impersonal way when dealing with other people. You are becoming more powerful in the inner and outer worlds. Watch your Self, so you do not influence other people’s decisions. They need to be free to make their own choices. What does impersonal mean? It means you are not expecting to get something for yourself.

These are the attitudes of an impersonal mind.

1. I’m not having personal feelings about this person.
2. I’m not hoping they will feel something for me because I’m assisting them.
3. I’m not looking for appreciation from anyone.
4. I’m not expecting someone to do anything for me because I’m helping them.
5. I’m not assisting someone because I feel attracted to them.
6. I’m not hoping to have a personal relationship with someone I’m helping.
8. I’m not trying to get something for myself by assisting another person.

If any of the above is not true, you are acting personally instead of impersonally. Learning to be impersonal takes practice. It’s normal to be attracted to other people sometimes. But at the level you are now, you need to discipline yourself to be impersonal when you are involved with helping other people.

Practice Lesson Twelve

By practicing this lesson, you will begin to learn to keep an emotional distance in activities that are not personal.

1. Personal physical contact should be limited. Hugging someone is not impersonal.
2. Put any personal thoughts or emotions on hold and don’t express them.
3. Don’t ask personal questions.
4. Don’t make personal comments about how another person looks, acts, or anything else that does not have to do with assisting them.
5. Only talk about and do the training or activity you have come together to conduct.
6. Don’t expect or look for anything personal from the person you are helping or who is helping you.