Lesson Three

lESSON Three

Take Control – Cooperate

How To Respond To Powerful People

You live in a world where people tell you what to do. Your mom, dad, teachers, police, and other people with power expect you to do things their way. By choosing to cooperate with them, you take control of your Self, and you gain control over what is happening.

The First Secret

To take control of the outside world, first, you have to take control of the inside world. Take control of your Self, and others cannot control you.

Adults can be happy or unhappy with you. If they are not pleased, they may let you do less of what you want to do. If you listen carefully to adults and choose to cooperate with them, they may have a better feeling about you. Your parents, teachers, and others will like it better when you listen carefully and respond with a positive attitude. You want adults to treat you positively and with respect. Is that right? Then, do to adults what you want them to do for you.

When you choose to cooperate, you are doing it on purpose. When you do something on purpose, you are in control. By choosing to work in harmony with adults who are responsible for you, you are taking control of your Self and how things happen.

Practice Lesson Three

By practicing this lesson, you will gain more control over how things happen to you.

  1. Choose to speak to your parents or any person with power over you in a respectful and polite tone every time you talk to them.
  2. When your parents or any person with authority over you tells you to do something, politely say, “Yes Sir” if it’s a man, or “Yes Ma’am” if it’s a woman. Then focus on what they asked you to do and do it well. Choose to cooperate with a pleasant attitude.

Exceptions – Don’t do dangerous, illegal, or things that are too personal because adults tell you to.

By practicing lesson three, you will change the way adults think and feel about you. You will also take control of what is happening. Here are some things that will happen.

  1. Others will like that you are helpful, polite, and respectful.
  2. You now stand out positively.
  3. You have changed how things happen on purpose by taking control of how you treat other people.