Lesson ten


Let Go Of What Other People Do

Forgiving People Who Upset You

A person can take control of your emotions by scaring, hurting, or upsetting you. Your feelings are the fastest way to your mind. A real opponent will want you to feel upset every time you see them. As long as you focus on what they have done to you, your emotions will be under their control. Has anyone ever done something to you, and you re-lived it over and over again in your thoughts for days? That person captured your mind. How does that make you feel? They STOPPED you from doing what you were doing and made you feel upset, afraid, or embarrassed about what they did to you. You will practice not letting people into your mind through the door of your emotions.

Forgiveness does not let opponents get away with what they have done to you. Forgiveness releases you from giving them more of your attention and allows you to put your focus back on what you want to create.
From now on, you will only focus your attention on the kind of things, people, and feelings you want to show up in your life. And you will practice IGNORING what you DO NOT want in your life.

Practice Lesson Ten

Forgiveness is Letting Go of what happened to you and re-focusing back on your Self and the things you want.

1. Stop watching re-runs of what others did to you in your mind. Ignore opponents and stop thinking about them.
2. Re-focus on your Self and Re-focus on the things you want in your life.
3. Watch the funniest animal and pet videos on YouTube.com. That will make you laugh and feel happy.


Whatever you allow in your mind, give your attention to, or think, feel, or talk about will show up in your real  world.