lesson six


Keeping Secrets

Keep Personal Information To Yourself

Keeping your personal information to yourself can protect you. Personal information is for you, not other people. Here are four types of personal information.

1. The personal information you provide to authorized people and organizations such as parents, teachers, and school administrators. You may supply name, address, phone number, age, and so on to authorized adults for school purposes unless your parents tell you not to. What about Police? You are a minor; ask your parent’s, right now, what do they want you to do if the Police want to talk to or question you for any reason? Parents may tell you to call them or their attorneys. Ask now.
2. Your family’s personal information will not be discussed with anyone other than with whoever your parents instruct you—no one else. Not even friends, no matter how close.
3. Personal secrets. Don’t tell anyone anything you don’t want everyone to know. Sometimes people get angry and may inform other people about your secrets. Don’t tell anyone your secrets.

Exceptions: If someone has touched you in a place they should not have, hurt you, or scared you don’t keep it secret! Tell your parents right away.

Practice Lesson Six

Sometimes you will need to give information to your parents and school teachers. Practice not providing personal information to people who are unknown to you. Questions people might ask are:

1. “What is your name?”
2. “Where do you live?”
3. “Are your parents home?”

Be polite when you respond to people who ask you questions. Memorize 2 or 3 of these responses.

1. “I’m sorry, I’m not supposed to talk to strangers.”
2. “I’m sorry, I’m not supposed to give out my personal information.”
3. “I don’t discuss my family’s personal information.”
4. “I don’t feel comfortable talking about that.”
5. To a friend who asks a personal question – “(whatever their name is) there are some things I don’t talk to anyone about, and that is one of them.”

Once you have said one of the statements above, don’t say anything else to them. If they insist, tell them, “I just explained I can’t or don’t want to talk about that.