lesson seven


Advanced Lessons Begin

Identify Your Opponent

Here is where we will introduce you to a real group opponent. It’s better not to tell other people about the advanced lessons. They might think you are paranoid. Don’t worry; you aren’t. But don’t tell other people about things they can’t see. It isn’t because you see something that isn’t there. It’s because you’ve been trained to recognize the subtle behaviors of a cunning adversary. They have not.

Not every opponent is this serious. We call them The Dominion. Starting in lesson seven, we will help you recognize Dominion operators. The Dominion carefully trains its operators and expects them to practice on people who don’t know what they can do or how they do it. We are preparing you to avoid the harmful effects dangerous people can have on you. You will want to take this seriously; it is real. But don’t worry. Just practice carefully.

Dominion Operators Capabilities

Dominion operators are invisible to the untrained. Learn to recognize and avoid them. They are masters of subtle deception and trickery. They can influence a person’s feelings and behavior. Their arts are extensive. If you’ve ever had an experience with someone like this, you probably wondered how do they do that? And, how come they don’t ever get in trouble? The answer is, “It’s not what they do; it’s how they do it.”

Types of Opponents – These opponents make up a team.

1. Direct – This individual will say or do something to upset you to see if they can change your behavior.
2. Assistant – This person helps someone else unsettle you to change your behavior.
3. Subtle – This one will slowly influence what you do and how you do it by making suggestions that don’t seem too bad, to change your behavior.
4. Deceptive – They come as a friend or a helper. They cloak themselves in good to harm.
5. Watcher – They observe a subject, where they go, what they do, who their friends are.
6. Director – This opponent tells the others what to do – They direct other’s actions.

Practice Lesson Seven

You have read about the types of opponents and some of their capabilities. We are training you to identify them in general. You will recognize them by what they do and how they do it. But learning to identify different types of opponents only comes from experience.

This lesson lets you practice silent observation. Experienced Dominion operators can easily spot observers. Act the way you usually act. Observe them in two steps.

1. Notice what is said and done to you and others. Don’t think about it until you are by yourself.
2. Opponents will notice if you start thinking about what you are seeing and hearing. Wait until later to think about it.

Four Rules To Follow

1. Don’t tell anyone you are observing the people around you.
2. Don’t start a conversation with people you notice fit the Dominion operator description or ask anyone about them.
3. Ignore them. Don’t stare at them. You will pick up a lot by just being there.
4. Never write anything down about these people.