Lesson Five

lESSON five

Control Your Feelings

How To Respond To People Who Harass You

Lesson Five will train you to protect your feelings from people who are trying to upset you on purpose. People who intentionally harass you are trying to take control of your emotions to change how you behave. You will learn to stay calm and in control of your feelings.

These are three types of unsettling situations.

Kids around your age make negative comments to cause you to feel upset or afraid.

1. You approach a couple of friends who are with other people you don’t know well, and one of your friends coldly says, “Hey, what are you doing here?”
2. You are passing a group of kids at school, and suddenly they start laughing, and one of them points at you.
3. Kids who are your age or a little older step in front of you, bump into you, push you, or yell at you.

Anyone who behaves these ways is not your friend. We call these type of people opponents.

Practice Lesson Five

People who harass you are trying to change the way you feel because that will change the way you act. Don’t let other people stir up your feelings. By practicing these three exercises, you will take control of your emotions when others try to upset you on purpose.

1. Concentrate on YOUR SELF, not your opponent. Focus your attention inside of you and relax.
2. Practice being calm. Don’t let your mind think about your opponent; ignore them. Relax and focus inwardly. Look at YOUR inner SELF. Be still.
3. Be silent. When you control your tongue, you control what happens.
When you practice being silent, calm, and ignoring your opponent, focusing on your Self and relaxing, you are in control. If you control your Self, no one else can control you.