lesson eleven


Focus On Your Self

What Is The Self

The Self has likes and dislikes and wants to make the decisions. That sounds a little bit like you. The Self doesn’t want to be told what to do. The Self says, no, I don’t want to do that. I want to do what I thought of instead. You’re like that too, aren’t you? The Self is separate and different from other people. It is the Being in the human being. You are that individual Being, and you must come to know that Being. That Being is your Self. Another characteristic of the Self is that it is invisible. It’s invisible because it is inside of you. You have to go inside of your Self to get to know the Being that is you.

Don’t Seek Other People’s Acceptance

Getting to know your Self means, you are going to give your Self a lot more of your attention. Realize that you do not need to seek other people’s acceptance. Some people will like you as you are, and others won’t. You need to accept your Self. People that like you as you are will naturally gravitate to you. Seeking other people’s acceptance will keep you from accepting your Self. Accept your Self as you are. If others don’t, so what?

Focus On Getting To Know Your Self

The practice lesson below will give you exercises to do that will introduce you to your inner Self. No one can see the real you. Your real Self is inside of you. As you begin to search inside of your Self, you will discover more and more of who you are. Go inside and find your Self. You will like it, and you will accept your Self as you are.

Practice Lesson Eleven

By practicing this lesson, you will begin to learn to focus inside of your Self. By spending time focusing on your inner Self, you will create a conscious connection between your inside Self and your outside Self. After about three months, you will start to feel connected to your inner Self. Be patient. Each day of practice will strengthen the connection to your inner Self.

1. Follow the Deep Relaxation instructions in Lesson Nine, but set the first alarm to 6 minutes and the second to 12 minutes. The last 6 minutes focus on your heart beating. Then notice WHAT is concentrating on your heartbeat. That is your SELF. Focus on your Self until the alarm sounds. Relax and look inside.
2. At school, home, and work practice giving your attention to your Self. Focus on what do I want? Practice doing what you feel like doing when you have a choice. This exercise will sometimes cause you to choose to do something by yourself or with someone other than your close friends. It helps you be an individual and to make your own decisions. You don’t have to do what other people want every time. When you have a choice, choose to do what you feel like doing.