Who We Are?


The School of Principles is composed of:

The Twelve Lessons and more coming soon!

From a parent’s point of view, The School of Principles has an excellent curriculum for children or teens to learn and practice, principles, self-control, cooperation, selecting the right friends, safe practices, not disclosing personal information, good health, hygiene, and leadership.

But how do you get your child or teen to want to do those things? First, The School of Principle’s lessons are written from your child or teen’s point of view and based on what they want for themselves. They want to be in control. So, we train them to take control of what happens by taking control of themselves. The School of Principles also offers your child or teen an intriguing association with a secret global order. To keep the human-kind from being dominated by the Dominion, The School of Principles has approved the recruitment of children and teens to restore principled order to the Earth. Your kids will recruit friends and new friends, and their organization will grow as large as they want. The Kid’s Program training is patterned after the way things appear to be happening at this time in history so your child or teen can readily associate themselves with their new persona and the real world.

A long time ago, an operational group that we won’t name discovered a person taken by the Dominion when he was an infant. The Dominion foresaw he would be the cause of their downfall. By the time the group found him, most of the global operational community had named him Melchizedek after an elusive character from the past. He escaped their domination and now works with The School of Principles to rid the Earth of the Dominion. Melchizedek wrote The 12 Lessons, The School of Secrets, and The Administration of The School of Principles.

You are being recruited by The School of Principles.

An Extraordinary Experience

The School of Principles has one goal, to train you to take control of your own life. When you have finished this training, no one will be able to control you. The training is based on practicing principles. Principles are the way things work. They are not an opinion. As you practice The Twelve Lessons, you will change. You will be able to do things others cannot do. You have always wanted to be in control. Now, you are being given a way to do so.

A Core Fact

Each person has their own mind. It is where you as a person live. You and you alone are to have control of this valuable tool, your mind. Learning to take control of your own mind is your responsibility. By doing so, you create your own reality.